Time turns around

Ok so it is a year further down the line. This site is now firmly in archive mode – no new items will be added, comments are disabled. It will remain online here until the domain name expires in Oct 2017. At that point the content might be parked under one of our individual blogs.

We all met up again a couple of weeks ago with our prime mover Luci for a bit of a reunion, chinwag and a few bevvies. A lovely afternoon in Exeter and it was great to catch up in person. I think we all found our quest of Nov/Dec 2016 in some ways life-changing and have all moved on from that in positive directions.

You can find us all through various corners of the internet. Ricky and Ewan are quite active both on Facebook and working in SWGP. Luci is also often on Facebook and the followups to the Climate Vision project are occupying a lot of her time. Euan is a bit harder to track down online as befits the deepest ecologist of us all. I have a small Facebook presence and various blog sites that I intermittently write on. All of our contact details are still current if you really want to find us.

This site remains for now as a snapshot of our ride.

RogerCO Dec 2017

Reporting Back and Going Forward

So what was it all about then? Last night we had a “Report Back” meeting in Launceston. The attendance wasn’t huge but three of us – myself, Euan and Ricky – got together to talk through how it came to happen, why we set off, what we did on the way, what happened when we got there and then have a bit of a discussion about what we learnt and what happens next.

We will be running more of these sessions as opportunity and demand arises – there are plans for Plymouth and possibly Exeter and Truro/Falmouth in mid-Feb and if you’d like one or more of us us to come and talk the talk in your town then please do get in touch.

Continue reading Reporting Back and Going Forward

Life Goes On

Well a couple of weeks silence here, not because there is nothing to say, but more because we all needed a chance to re-group and catch our breath and then before we knew it the Solstice and SantaFest were upon us.

Expect some more thoughtful reactions to the Paris outcomes on here in due course and also details and ideas of ways to take things forward. Over the next couple of months we are planning various Report Back events at which we will talk about why we went, what we did, who we met, what happened, and what needs to happen now.

The first of these is in Launceston on Wednesday 30th December at 7pm in the Liberty Suite, Northgate Street. All welcome and there will be three of us there – it is a bit far for Ewan to come over from Somerset and he has a prior engagement. Continue reading Life Goes On

Completing the Circle

The conclusion of the COP21 climate talks were on my mind yesterday, as I travelled to Truro and read updates from Paris on the train.

Fellow cyclist, Euan McPhee and I were ‘completing the circle’ by handing a copy of the Carbon Logic Report 2015 to Labour MEP Clare Moody outside Truro Cathedral, where the Climate Vision Footsteps to Copenhagen 2009 project, and our ride, began. Continue reading Completing the Circle

Meeting Monsignor

lacmeraWell, it was worth the wait. Thank-you Luci for the initial contact – and, thanks to PA Emanuela, today, outside COP21, Monsignor La Camera emerged and took delivery of the Climate Vision Report. He was absolutely charming – and I was breathlessly hugely gratified (breathless, cos I’ve never run so far so fast in all me life, to get to the rendezvous in time). Hoorah!

First taste of Direct Action

Quite a nostagic day for me today – it rained – HARD! Such that my cycle ride round the city turned into a drenching, whilst heading for Sacre Coeur (as you do) reintroduced me to the missing Parisian link – HILLS! On returning to the digs, I am at a loss as to how to dry everything off here – looks like another trip to the lavomatique. Continue reading First taste of Direct Action