It Was The Night Before We Departed For Paris…

First of all, we are still going to Paris, despite the events of Friday night, as you will have read from the announcement from Climate Vision. And apologies to those of you who might have tuned into Radio Cornwall expecting to hear Luci and me being interviewed by Donna Birrell – again, the events in Paris overtook us all.

On the eve of our departure, my bags are packed, and I am listening to the wind and rain blowing around outside. Hopefully, it will blow through tonight and our departure will not be too wind-blasted! Anyway, I am looking forward to getting under way and to meeting our various well-wishers as we head for Plymouth. I think the Cornish leg of the journey will be the more challenging with all those hills; from St Malo to Paris is less hilly but further, but we have factored in enough time to allow for possible delays.

Just had an email from Helena from Truro who is in India at the moment and she tells me that the children at the school she is at are all switched onto the Climate Change situation. Good to be able to share with them in this pilgrimage of hope!

Next update – once we are on the journey!

One thought on “It Was The Night Before We Departed For Paris…

  1. And I’ve just been skyping my daughter and her hubby in Delhi – they are looking forward to the big demo there on 29th.
    But I suspect the thought of the Goan sunshine is a lot more attractive for them than the thought of the Force 10s that await us!

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