Sunshine Supermen!

Monday 23 November – sunshine filtered through a heavy mist onto the frost-touched grass. A fine day! Breakfasted packed and on the road before 09.00, pedalling into cold misty countryside, but at least it was dry! Crossed the River Orne and headed more or less east, weaving around various country roads to make sure we did not get on to any of the busy main roads.As we were on the Plain of Caen, the hills were not quite as steep and the valleys were more gentle, which made for very pleasant cycling. Even by midday we were still spending some of our time in freezing mist, then emerging into sunny patches. One of the nicest stretches was after a 1-2km ride up a hill then through a beautifully managed woodland of sweet chestnut, oak, beech and other deciduous trees where a huge buzzard lazily flapped its way ahead of me, then perched on a branch to get a better look at me; deciding I was inedible, it then drifted off into the woods! Arrived into the town of Lisieaux at 15.30, checked into our AirBnB which was in a fourth storey 1960s apartment – luxury of luxuries, we each had our own bedroom with a double bed (which explained why it was the most expensive of the B+Bs). Set out to explore the town, including visiting the relatively new (20thC?) Basilica with an impressive dome and attractive modern frescoes adorning the walls. Lit a candle for peace. Shopped for provender then returned to our billet for home-made supper of bread, cheese, pastries and wine.


One thought on “Sunshine Supermen!

  1. dear Euan and bike friends,
    Am following your trips and recording it ON PAPER. Then I read it!
    I wonder what you will be doing when you are nearly 93?
    Had a nice Skype visit with Cat, Nona and your grandson this am.
    Arthur was here yesterday with Quin and Aidan. We had supper with Dave, Jan and the Brandon , Joanna, little David and Ben. So there were 4 greatgrandsons there! 4 little boys visiting in one week, well that is 1/5 of the grandkids!
    Weather here is mildly winter; the wind blows often but only a little snow
    Will contribute to your trip by cheque asp. I see you have lots of sponsors
    but is the amount going to be what you anticipated?
    Much love, and take care!

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