Day 1-Truro to Wadebridge

The train from Liskeard was 10 mins late, but I got to the church on time:-)

Excellent crowd in the cathedral, Birt Biscoe and Julian Germain spoke well, Luci introduced Euan & I and we said a few words. Canon Linda blessed our bikes and the Archbishop Benson children sang for us. Chef Sanjay produced supermarket waste soup, which was delicious and helped power us on our way – cycling down the aisle of Cathedral – how cool is that?

Another photocall outside and lots of friends there – thanks to all whoo came along. Finally on our way about 12 (a little later than we hoped) with about half a dozen other riders – Louise,Howard,David, and couple more. The rain had at least stopped.

As we pulled up St.Clements on the back way to Tresilian the sun came out – we had been well blessed.

Up to Ladock for a welcome cuppa tea from Chris Jones at Woodland Valley – thanks Chris. Still the rain holds off, although it looks murky to the North as we climb up to Seaview Terrace. Down into Fraddon and goodbye to Dave, the last of the Truro contigent to run for home – thanks to all for the company. Indian Queens a little later than we might have liked and Ian who was waiting to meet us near St.Columb Major is on the phone. Turning North again into to maze of twisty little lanes East of St.columb after much map consultation and what seemed like too many ups and downs we emerge at Rosenannon – but it seems we are too late for Ian, and its all taking longer than we thought so have to press onwards (and upwards). So sorry Ian to miss you – thanks for trying.

The hills to the South are now shrouded in mizzle – but we are still dry for the climb up onto the morr at St.Breock. Finally the summit and over the divide into the Camel watershed. Pause to fit the lights as the gloaming rapidly approaches we fly down down down into Wadebridge.

The great thing about living in a down like Wadebridge must be that it is always downhill on the way home. 50km/hr descent and roll into the Town Hall only half an hour late.

They have done us proud – a proper job cakey tea, the mayor and deputy and clerk Anne Mills are there to greet us, and formally recieve a copy of the Climate Vision Report for the town. Very interesting discussion of all sorts of issues relating to Cornish towns ensues, photos are taken (will try and upload here now) and tea is much appreciated.

We made, dry despite apparently it raining everywhere but on us today, and a good ride. The Molesworth Arms is comfortable and does good food and beer – what more could we want.


3 thoughts on “Day 1-Truro to Wadebridge

  1. I can’t even lift me bike = oh well, orfft we go! Why can’t I write a Blog on this site, only leave a comment – and why can’t I attach a photo?

  2. You guys are FAB! All the videos of Day 1 are on Climate Vision Facebook page – you tremendous chaps! Everyone wants to know how you are getting on. Was fab to speak to Euan just then. BRAVO! Xx

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