Fleeing the Climate

Our host today not far from Paris, Francois, is an audio-visual tele cameraman – Roger was ecstatic! He went with his wife and a friend on a trip to the Jungle in Calais. He showed us the video he had made, as yet unedited, hand-held, point and shoot – heart-rending, no matter how often you have seen similar footage. Many of the people he spontaneously interviewed were from the UK – proud of them – saying some spot-on things. Here’s to the Merton ladies and the fantastic work they are doing on behalf of us North Devonians who are disgusted with the way in which our government is behaving. He took a short video clip with interviews of us  – too big for here but we’ll find a way somehow later to show the world!

Having trouble downloading photos – let’s try – here we are with his wife Laurence outside their beautiful home – we were so lucky to find them – excellent people. Nope!

A good day today – one more to go and we’ll meet Our Molly tomorrow night – the approach and ‘entry’ into Paris is going to be BUSY! Gonna have to have our wits about us.

This Blog post comes to you courtesy Ewan’s genius i-phone connection (no wifi here).