How to dry your clothes when cycling on France

1.Ask random passers by where the laundrette is. It doesn’t matter what language you ask in – so long as you look very wet and slightly filthy and wild eyed they will know what you need.

2.Follow the directions as given asking again whenever unclear.

3.When you find the laverie check there is a bar next-door, preferably empty.

4.Enter and place all wet clothes and shoes in drier. Shut door and insert one Euro

5.Hop into bar watching where you put your bare feet (in case of broken glass – only poor areas have laveries and the streets aren’t swept as often). Order foul Mexican themed lager beer.

6. Drink beer by which time 9 minutes have passed and the dryer has stopped.

Return to laverie and repeat steps 4 to 6 until clothes dry or you don’t care any more.