How to secure Freedom …….

Despite all one might hear, although Paris if full of soldiers, everywhere; although the air is full of sirens and the streets full of police cars and motor bikes, basically it’s a city brim-full of people just doing what people do in cities. Problem is, since all the Green groups and NGOs have given copious details of all they intend to do, it was easy for the authorities to insist that everything is cancelled – which is what happened to the bike cavalcade today –  and because I s’pose (unfortunately) we/they have to respond appropriately and responsibly, they just said ‘no go’ and we had to formally call a stop to everything – gutted!

However, Euan and I, anarchists that we are, nonetheless cycled all the way to the hitherto meeting place at the Eiffel Tower and staged our own mini-2-man demo – caused a sensation as you can imagine for the thousands who gravitate there anyway everyday. Daft!

Went to a multi-faith service at Notre Dame tonight and afterwards met up with the whole admin department of in a lovely brasserie by the Pompidou Centre – all beautiful, young and super-switched-on. It is so energising to be made aware of just how many of the cream of Europe’s young intellectuals are beavering away for change. It makes sense: they need a planet to live in – the one that we baby-boomers have all but destroyed.

Hopefully, there will be more to report tomorrow. Another try for a fun photo: if it don’t upload, is wrong. Here goes: [nope!]