Lunch at Looe

A lovely reception from Looe Town Council with the Mayor and Councillors, including Edwina Hannaford Cornwall Councillor and also one Luci’s Ambassadors, proffering steaming mugs of tea and good pasties. A tricolour on the wall outside provides a natural photo shoot.

The mizzle stops as well so after a good wide ranging chat its time to move on for what is known to be a lumpy ride to Saltash.

Many thanks to Looe, we’re sure you’ll take on board the report and the pledge s

The first lump of course is getting out of the Looe valley – no way are we riding up themain road so it’s straight up Shutta. Roger gets about 200m before it defeats him. Half way up there’s a sign saying only handcarts, perambulators, invalids carriages and bicycles pushed by hand allowed beyond this point. The idea of doing anything other than hand pushing a bike up there is beyond belief. Invalid Carriages???!