My beautiful launderette

The picture below is the sodden welcome at Tavistock after Hugh (on the right) and I had hurtled down the hill from Mary Tavy into the town centre to meet friends from the West Devon Greens. I had to pour water out of my shoes and was pretty fogged as to how I could manage to carry on  to Plymouth. So I waddled down into the market and found a launderette. Took my chance, having politely asked the ladies there if they minded – yup, they giggled a bit – only one person in there at the time and she giggled a bit too. So I stripped to my undies and everything went in, shoes, gloves, rucksack an’ all – for a good 20 minutes – while I attempted to warm my feet up on the glass of the drier. I s’pose it was quite funny – a bit like that 11 o’clock ‘coke’ ad – but customers didn’t really seem to have a fit …….. and to be honest, I couldn’t care! Mind you, if I’d been 30 years younger, there might have been some action.

Message to all cyclists: the new route from Tavy to Plymouth is just fantastic – even the haul up to Yelverton through the woods – stunning. Has to be done. But this is offset by the confusing options around Lydford – which still seem all wrong. No worries – made it!

Tavistock farewell

One thought on “My beautiful launderette

  1. Hi Ricky, it was good to meet you, Weds, with other West Devon Greens in Tavistock and then again in Plymouth – though I had to decline the beef sandwiches!! I guess your drying out session at Tavi came under the heading of “Rickies Renewables” however I’m afraid the Tavi Times did not offer that particular picture, instead the usual bloke on a bike got in to yesterdays edition, (and in Okehampton!!), so well done for bringing us some publicity on Climate Change in Tavistock West Devon, its so desperately needed. Good luck and maybe see you when I take the same ferry to St Malo on the 10th, though I will be en route to Paris courtesy of SNCF.

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