Rainy day, dream away…

After a day’s respite France continues to throw its plus mauvais temps at us in an attempt to thwart our attempts to reach Paris, but we will not be daunted.

Today started with spitting when I went out in the pre dawn to fetch the breakfast croissants, by the time we left it was light rain which progressed to heavy drizzle with a biting Southwesterly before easing to a mere mizzle by mid afternoon.

To be honest some of the time this afternoon it wasn’t really mizzling, but the air got distinctly colder. At least the route was pretty flat and quiet (apart from the last few miles when we found ourselves on a short section of Autoroute – not a good idea, even with decent lights in the gathering gloom and spray). Very exposed though and nowhere sensible to stop so Radio Cornwall got blown out I’m afraid. Sorry guys but mobile phones and sodden wet frozen gloved fingers are not a good match.

About 85km + covered today. Ewan punctured shortly after a coffee break and we managed to loose various members when leaving various small towns which caused some frozen frustration. All in all not as good as yesterday, but hey you wouldn’t want the sun to shine all the time 🙁