The joys of wheatgrass

Oliver of Tonic Attack not only very generously sponsored us but also provided a load of sachets of wheatgrass juice to fuel us across France.

I must admit when Ewan first distributed them in Saltash I was a little sceptical. I had been expecting a bottle to have a swig from periodically, but these are little sachets each containing 33ml to be taken one per day.So Friday morn on the boat I dutifully poured a sachet into a plastic beaker. It looks greeny brown and murky, not like something you would normally drink. A strong aroma of grass, not the new mown hay aroma, but on the other hand not silage!

Ah well, I trust Oliver so must give it a go. Down in one. A little unusual aftertaste but definitely not nasty

Saturday, everything still a bit damp. Breakfast time sachet didn’t seem so strange. Better than putting on damp socks and shoes.

Sunday it slips down easy and by Monday it is not bad at all.

As for the efficacy who can say – with so much else going on it is hardly a controlled experiment but it seems like it might be doing some good. Many thanks to Oliver – pictures to insert when I get to a place with a proper keyboard (the blog doesn’t accept pictures from a windoze phone)