Hello World as they say. Its nearly November and this site and the crowdfunder are up and running. Things are starting to come together on the planning front – expect details to start appearing here in the next week as things get firmed up.

It sounds like there might be quite a show through Cornwall and into Plymouth – our job is just to keep on pedalling and keep on talking – Paris is so important, not necessarily for the immediate outcome but simply because the world is finally starting to wake up to what we have been doing for the past 150 years and the implications are stupendous.

My next task is to get a decent front light and a new chain – I don’t fancy riding any long distance with one which broke a couple of weeks ago and I fixed by removing a couple of links. Also think I need to get my bottom bracket serviced.

Before we set off we’ll try and make occasional posts about our bikes and plans – once we are on the road the intention is to do daily updates here – l’accès à internet permitting.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. I always say to myself that the more you tell your mates what you intend to do (as in “before I die, I’m gonna cycle from here, down the Rhine and along the Danube to the Black Sea ….. even if it kills me” …… which is ‘true’), the more impossible it is NOT to do it. So this little escapade is gonna happen – no way out.

    Thus far, apart from kidding myself that the Lycra is going to suffice in the absence of a very late Indian Summer, I have lined up the Glitterati of North Devon to see me off from the Square: the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, plus the Leader and environment portfolio from ND Council and assembled paparazzi. Our cavalcade will then take the short leg to Bideford on Sustrans Route 27 to be met by the mayors of Bideford and Torrington (Green) and the (Green!) leader of Torridge District Council for another photo-call. I cannot be certain how many of the cavalcade will survive the next longer stretch down to Dartmoor and the first overnighter – but hey: FUN!

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