Another day, more high powered meetings

Today was my last visit to the main Conference area, as tomorrow I’m stewarding at the alternative people’s summit (ZAC – Zone d’Action Climatique), so it’s unlikley now that I’ll be able to deliver the Climate Vision to any more VIPs! I’m afraid I have missed Bas Eickhout …….

BUT, see below, I did catch Nick Stern (left, next to Jeffery Sachs and Stephan Singer from WWF; not on photo: David King) at a pretty high-powered panel this morning.  stern

parisdepmayorAlso on the panel was the Deputy Mayor of Paris, Célia Blauel – and mightily impressive she was too on pollution-free cities, not least when I ingratiatingly told her that I had cycled to Paris just to give her this report – you can tell from her expression that she might have feared I was someone to try and avoid – yes, I am looking a bit jaded, true! Maybe I’ve been away too long!