Time turns around

Ok so it is a year further down the line. This site is now firmly in archive mode – no new items will be added, comments are disabled. It will remain online here until the domain name expires in Oct 2017. At that point the content might be parked under one of our individual blogs.

We all met up again a couple of weeks ago with our prime mover Luci for a bit of a reunion, chinwag and a few bevvies. A lovely afternoon in Exeter and it was great to catch up in person. I think we all found our quest of Nov/Dec 2016 in some ways life-changing and have all moved on from that in positive directions.

You can find us all through various corners of the internet. Ricky and Ewan are quite active both on Facebook and working in SWGP. Luci is also often on Facebook and the followups to the Climate Vision project are occupying a lot of her time. Euan is a bit harder to track down online as befits the deepest ecologist of us all. I have a small Facebook presence and various blog sites that I intermittently write on. All of our contact details are still current if you really want to find us.

This site remains for now as a snapshot of our ride.

RogerCO Dec 2017