From Footsteps to Pedal Power


help us get the Climate Vision report to Paris for COP21

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What is it?

Four climate activists from Cornwall, Devon and Somerset are cycling to Paris to deliver the Climate Vision report to delegates to the COP21 United Nations Climate Talks at the beginning of December.

In 2009 Truro Cathedral coordinated individual actions and pledges across Cornwall under the banner “Footsteps to Copenhagen” and delivered the pledges to the COP15 talks in a Cornish Pilot Gig.

Five years on governmental action is still sadly lacking and scientists are clearly talking about a climate emergency. Meanwhile in Cornwall, Climate Vision followed up the 2009 Pledges and demonstrated that these individual actions had made very significant carbon savings at extremely low cost. The report detailing the results and showing that citizens can play an active role in transforming the world is being delivered to representatives in Paris for COP21 by low carbon transport – a team of cyclists.

Who is going?

fourridersnamedThe main riders are Euan McPhee, 68 from Falmouth, Roger Creagh-Osborne, 63 from Launceston and Ricky Knight, 66 from Barnstaple. Ewan Jones, 45 from Bruton joins the ride in Plymouth. All are long time environmental activists and involved in green politics. See below for biographical details.

They will be joined by other riders for all or part of each stage. If you would like to accompany us part of the way please check the itinerary page and then email with your contact details and where you would like to join in and we’ll be in touch.