The Riders

The Four Pedallers are:

euanportrait  Euan is an ecologist and recently-retired environmental science lecturer. “As a former eco-smallholder, I devoted much time to practical conservation. I am currently Chair of the Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland in Falmouth where I still get my hands dirty helping manage this public space. Having taught students for many years about climate change, I feel the time has come to act and not just speak on the issue. By cycling from Cornwall to Paris, I seek to act in solidarity with all people of goodwill who are determined to bring about a binding, meaningful agreement in Paris.”

rickyportraitRicky is a retired teacher (now a Bikeability training instructor), manic cycling enthusiast and indefatigable eco-warrior and anti-nuclear campaigner, steeped in NGO & Green ‘politics’. “This is my own personal ‘tipping point’ – I have to be in Paris this time. Having wept after the Copenhagen stitch-up, I will not be traumatised into inaction by the UK Government. I will bear witness”.

Roger is a semi-retired engineer and now a part-time fruit farmer. He has been involved in various eco-action and transition groups and many political campaigns. “I had high hopes in 2009, this time hope has ended and the time has come for action. We must travel together as a world or all is lost.“

Ewan is a physicist, a geographer, a business strategist and entrepreneur. He co-founded and led the energy saving co-ewanportraitoperative until George Osborne decreed that energy saving was ‘Green Crap” in December 2013. Like Al Gore, he is “puzzled” about the current UK Government’s failure to understand the business case for investing in our green energy future. Having advised many global research projects, he is all to aware that public understanding of climate change is way ahead of our supposed political leaders. “Paris COP21 is the time for Actions not Words to break the cycle of man-made climate change.”