Another world is possible

What an extraordinary day and a half in Paris.

Coincidences and connections abound, sparking emotions and flooding ideas flow through the crowds. We talk we listen we gather, come together and divide.

COP21 -> +3 degThere is no life in the stale negotiations taking place at le Bouget, they triumph in agreement that we must not exceed 2deg and strive for 1.5 while failing to put in place any action to stay below 3deg and doing nothing about the fossil elephant in the talks.

They are irrelevant.

The centre can not hold, but things do not fall apart. We are the solution, we are the future – it is our hands, and we will make it work.

We can stop all fossil related development in our towns, we can make shipping and aviation pay their true costs, we can undermine the trade deals that they claim are more important than climate action. P1000717

They are wrong and make themselves irrelevant. We no longer respect them.

We will offset our carbon by occupying the mines and refineries, blockading the supply chains, we will offset by paying the fines of those who act, by saying that what they do is right and righteous.

Led by Angels
Led by Angels

We will prevail just as the demonstration today broke its bounds and rolled free across the streets of Paris led by angels and marked by a chaos of giant silvery balloons bouncing along boulevards and alleyways as we paraded our red lines – Leave It In The Ground.

We have no need of leaders, we are the leaders.

A rollicking chaos
A rollicking chaos



A great turning has begun. Break free from your mind forged manacles and join us in freedom and life.

Reject control and death.

Embrace the earth and the life it holds, all of it from the giant whale on the banks of the Seine to the plankton it feeds on.

The beavers and the bees are our equals and we join with them.

Another world is possible. We travel together or not at all.