My bike (Roger)

roger150For this ride I’ll be on my 2006 Specialized Tricross Sport with added mudguards and rear-carrier. shown here when it was brand new. 9 speed cassette 11-32T with Deore LX derailleur and 3 chain wheels 28-50T Shimano Sora with Tiagra levers. I like a good low set of gears 28 front, 32 rear is good for sitting down and winding up a Cornish 25% hill however heavily laden. The shop were a bit sniffy when I insisted on adding carrier and mudguards.

My previous 3 bikes had all been Dawes Galaxy, the first lasted 14 years, the next was stolen after about 6 years and the last did another ten years (and to be honest was still serviceable with some new components – I sold it for a song). This Tricross is now 8 years old and still going strong. On its second rear cassette and about third chain. Must have done well over 10,000 miles by now as a mixture of commuting, leisure and touring – that’s credit-card touring, not hard-core carry-everything camping style.

The rear carrier is a Top-peak one with a bag that slides on and has side paniers that fold up when not in use. Slightly heavier than real lightweight stuff, but sturdy and serviceable.


One thought on “My bike (Roger)

  1. Cool bike – hope this doesn’t mean you can go faster than us mere mortals!
    As said, I seem to be the proud owner of 11 bikes here – am I completely mad? OK, I concede, I’m a hoarder even though I’d rather class myself as a sentimentalist (with the emphasis on the 3rd and 4th syllables). One of them is a Rolls Royce prototype Muddy Fox from 1987, hung up in the garage, silly heavy – but has endured the UK Triathlon championships (not with me on it though!). How can a man jettison that? The others, not quite so inspiring: two for L’Anne (including a flashy Schwinn in yellow) and two for daughter (who lives in India – not a good idea to bike anywhere there – or drive, if you ask me).

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