The latter end of Woe is Bliss

Roger has said it all – les quatre elements d’apocalypse ont presque gagne! Le vent, le froid, les collines et la pluie. Did we even contemplate giving up? NAH!

Mind you, t’was a close run thing. We still had two hours to go at least when the sun went down and the lights went on – and my teacher colleague had cycled to meet us and guided us to his place – LUXURY! Five star company, food, heat, showers and comfort – I can’t say all the pain went away but after a good night’s sleep, we now have a WHOLE DAY to recuperate. We’re off to Caen for, yup, some sight-seeing – and why not. This afternoon it’s serious bike mechanics – and a bit of a clean-up, as chains and cogs are …. clogged! And guess what? The morning has broken bright and sunny – bloomin’ typical. Let’s hope the weather has given up trying to stop us. Mind you, I am most frustrated that while the authorities are trying to insist that ‘life goes on’, they have put a stop to the two demos this weekend – silly. Particularly in France, cos this will simply mean that the people will go ahead anyway. We shall see.

My blogs will be a little out of synch but nonetheless, here’s a photo of some of us in Instow, one hour in! Seems like a lifetime.

Ricky Yelland