Reporting Back and Going Forward

So what was it all about then? Last night we had a “Report Back” meeting in Launceston. The attendance wasn’t huge but three of us – myself, Euan and Ricky – got together to talk through how it came to happen, why we set off, what we did on the way, what happened when we got there and then have a bit of a discussion about what we learnt and what happens next.

We will be running more of these sessions as opportunity and demand arises – there are plans for Plymouth and possibly Exeter and Truro/Falmouth in mid-Feb and if you’d like one or more of us us to come and talk the talk in your town then please do get in touch.

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Life Goes On

Well a couple of weeks silence here, not because there is nothing to say, but more because we all needed a chance to re-group and catch our breath and then before we knew it the Solstice and SantaFest were upon us.

Expect some more thoughtful reactions to the Paris outcomes on here in due course and also details and ideas of ways to take things forward. Over the next couple of months we are planning various Report Back events at which we will talk about why we went, what we did, who we met, what happened, and what needs to happen now.

The first of these is in Launceston on Wednesday 30th December at 7pm in the Liberty Suite, Northgate Street. All welcome and there will be three of us there – it is a bit far for Ewan to come over from Somerset and he has a prior engagement. Continue reading Life Goes On

Meeting the Ministers, Movers & Shakers

At Greens COP21 reports given to and interesting discussion with both Sweedish and Luxembourg green government ministers. Both, Isabella Lovin and Carole Dieschbourg very interested in hearing about the messages of the report. Also Tine Heyse Environment Alderman from zGhent who have a very forward looking city carbon reduction policies

Also, of course Molly and Jean Lambert and other countries MEPs

Rainy day, dream away…

After a day’s respite France continues to throw its plus mauvais temps at us in an attempt to thwart our attempts to reach Paris, but we will not be daunted.

Today started with spitting when I went out in the pre dawn to fetch the breakfast croissants, by the time we left it was light rain which progressed to heavy drizzle with a biting Southwesterly before easing to a mere mizzle by mid afternoon.

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Rain, Hail, Freezing headwinds…and Sunshine

Well if yesterday was my second worst ever days cycling (Jane will remember the worst) then today started out by making a bid for the top spot. No rain when we awoke, but whilst packing up it started with a hailburst followed by persistent cold rain. However after a nasty ride out of town it cleared and we set off down a lane alongside a small river valley in sunshine. Continue reading Rain, Hail, Freezing headwinds…and Sunshine

How to dry your clothes when cycling on France

1.Ask random passers by where the laundrette is. It doesn’t matter what language you ask in – so long as you look very wet and slightly filthy and wild eyed they will know what you need.

2.Follow the directions as given asking again whenever unclear.

3.When you find the laverie check there is a bar next-door, preferably empty.

4.Enter and place all wet clothes and shoes in drier. Shut door and insert one Euro

5.Hop into bar watching where you put your bare feet (in case of broken glass – only poor areas have laveries and the streets aren’t swept as often). Order foul Mexican themed lager beer.

6. Drink beer by which time 9 minutes have passed and the dryer has stopped.

Return to laverie and repeat steps 4 to 6 until clothes dry or you don’t care any more.

Lunch at Looe

A lovely reception from Looe Town Council with the Mayor and Councillors, including Edwina Hannaford Cornwall Councillor and also one Luci’s Ambassadors, proffering steaming mugs of tea and good pasties. A tricolour on the wall outside provides a natural photo shoot.

The mizzle stops as well so after a good wide ranging chat its time to move on for what is known to be a lumpy ride to Saltash.

Many thanks to Looe, we’re sure you’ll take on board the report and the pledge s

The first lump of course is getting out of the Looe valley – no way are we riding up themain road so it’s straight up Shutta. Roger gets about 200m before it defeats him. Half way up there’s a sign saying only handcarts, perambulators, invalids carriages and bicycles pushed by hand allowed beyond this point. The idea of doing anything other than hand pushing a bike up there is beyond belief. Invalid Carriages???!